Chunky Crab Corn Chowder

Chunky Crab Corn Chowder

Chunky Crab Corn Chowder

So this one of my favorite soup recipes. I love the flavors of creamy corn, buttery crab with chunky potatoes. Delish! I used to make it all winter long with a side of potato dill bread. I was not going to let my new diet restrictions keep me from enjoying this all time favorite. The original Cooking Light recipe calls for milk of course… So I had to discover a way to keep eating it without the dairy. I also bumped up the flavor in the recipe by adding roasted garlic and hot sauce.  It is still not quite as creamy as the original, but it will do! If you can eat dairy, go ahead and make it with milk. Now to come up with a good recipe for gluten free potato dill bread, then it will truly be perfect!

Chunky Crab Corn Chowder

1 cup onion
2 cups corn
2-3 cups cubed potato
2 (4.25 oz) cans of real crab (don’t use the fake crab, it is just not as good)
1 quart rice milk (or 4 cups milk)
1 quart of chicken stock
2 Tbsp of dried thyme or dill
butter (Earth’s Balance)
2 Tbsp flour (I used garbanzo bean flour but you can use your favorite gluten free flour)
Roasted Garlic (Cut off 1/4 inch of garlic head, drizzle with olive oil, wrap in foil and cook in 400 degree oven for 30 minutes or until soft)
Hot Sauce (used Frank’s Red Hot)
1/2 cup of fresh parsley

Sauté onion in pot with olive oil until tender. Add flour and continue to sauté for a minute or so. Puree one cup of corn with one cup of stock. Add rest of chicken stock and rice milk to onions. Add one cup of whole corn and pureed corn to pot. Also add cubed potatoes, thyme or dill and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until potatoes are done all the way. Add crab and butter. Add hot sauce to taste. Garnish with fresh parsley.


4 Responses

  1. sounds delicious! i’m looking forward to trying it. 🙂 what do you think coconut milk would do to this soup? just a curiosity…i know it is on the sweeter side.

    • Actually Beth, that was going to be my next experiment. I thought it might give it a little bit of a Thai flavor, but that is not bad. You could then sprinkle with a little cilantro. Plus, I think coconut milk is a little bit creamier. If you make it like this, let me know how it turns out!

  2. I made this tonight – the family loved it! In order to make it creamier, I soaked a cup of cashews in water for 30 minutes. Then pureed them with approx 1/2 cup of the milk in the food processor. I added this at the end with the crab and butter.

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